šŸŽ„ šŸŽ¶ In My Mind šŸŽ¶ šŸŽ„

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No Christmas, no Thanksgiving, no holiday season can begin or end without hearing Silent Night (you know who sings it, stop playin), everywhere, on repeat, then on repeat AGAIN. This is not up for discussion. If you don't close your eyes, sing 'in my miiiind', while swaying and humming the chorus deep in the back of your throat when this song comes on, get off my website. We are NOT the same.Ā 

The top notes are cranberry and peach, but there's some sugar and spice in the middle that's giving 'peach cobbler' vibes but without all the butter and dough. I threw in some mulberry because I love how it adds just enough sweetness without being diabetic.Ā