Black AF 3oz wax melt

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Black AF smells like a sexy ass moisturized man in a tuxedo on a Saturday night. Like James from Good Times. Black Wall Street. Play Cousins. Supporting Black Businesses. Like Michael Jackson’s original nose. Run Me My Money. Running When We See Someone Else Running and Asking Questions Later. Breaking Generational Curses. Calling Songs by the Chorus Lyrics Instead of by Their Titles. One plastic grocery bag full of 3539 other grocery bags in the pantry. Who Made The Potato Salad? Who All Over There? What Had Happened Was. God Still Workin' On Me.

This scent is the blackest of all the Black Shit.

It's Blackity BLACK Black. It's Big Juicy Brown Skin Educated Black Man Black. It’s Black Amber and Coconut mixed with Mahogany, Deep Vanilla, Musk AND Sandalwood in the Woods under the night sky Black.

It’s Black AF.