HNIC 3oz wax melt

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Don't let the cozy vanilla sugar and cashmere in this scent fool you. It ain't no punk! It's a Big Boss scent that always creeps up on you then erupts in the air with cedar wood and orchids. When it's time to get the bag. When its time for them folks to run you your coins. When that bitch betta have yo mfkn money. When the math ain't quite mathin' and somebody needs to make it all make sense. Burn this scent while you're working, strategizing over business plans, or texting somebody to cuss they're ass out for playing with your money. 

I blessed and anointed this oil as 'the money bag' before I added it to the wax and poured it so, when you smell it, you already know you're the HNIC and your money is on its way.