Yoooooo! I'm soooo glad you're here. Like, yeeessssss!!



Welcome to Fireflower Candle Company. 🌸 I really am glad to have you here. If you know anything about how I ended up here, then you know I cherish every single visitor, supporter, sharer, customer, and friend. 

I'm ecstatic to finally offer you my signature Culture Candle Collection. An exhaustive collection of scents and moods to delight, inspire, and ravish you with joy. Take your time to browse through the different scent moods, catch the top, middle, and bottom notes, AND to indulge in alllll the hilarious culture references I hand picked for Us and our Black Experience. This is the land of smell goods plus piles and piles of books we'll never get around to reading.  


Whether you're Black, Brown, White, Yellow, Red, Green, or Purple...I think you'll find something here for you and those you call loved ones. These candles are SPECIAL special. They’re all custom blended scents with soy and food-grade paraffin wax, and hand poured by me so they don't exist anywhere else in the whole world. Some of these blends have 7 different oils that create one unique scent; some have only two powerful oils that combine to bring a whole new vibe to your experience. They’re all created with deep love and one powerful intention: to bombard you with intensely scented joy and to deliver curious delight to your space.




The descriptions are anecdotes from my own past, pieces of My Black Experience that I think alot of Black folx share. If you’ve never ridden past a McDonald’s with your parents and asked if y'all could stop only to have them respond with ‘You got McDonald’s money?’ because you were always asking for shit but ain’t have NO job, then these candles might not be for you. 

If your Granma has never told you to ‘close that door and stop letting her air out’, these candles might not be for you. If no one’s ever asked you what you’re mixed with and you’ve never had to say “my momma and daddy are BLACK. I’m Black mixed with Black.”, then these candles just might not be for you. 


If you’ve never been the kid running up and down church aisles and your Granma (nor one of the elders) had to pause power-fanning with that MLK Church fan to hiss at you to ‘ssssitcho ayzz down!’ on that hard ass, slippery ass church pew, then these candles probably not for you.

If you have no clue of the significance of Michael Jackson’s original bell pepper ass, Black ass nose, or Luther Vandross’ original jheri curl, or even know what Jodeci boots are, I mean…these candles might not be for you. 😬


And that’s OK. 🙂


But if you’re Black or Brown, or are an ally/supporter of someone Black or Brown, and any of these make you laugh, cry, say 'awwwww 😍', or any combination of the three then these are DEFINITELY for you! And I hope you grab a few things for yourself and a few to share while they're available. They tend to sell out VERY quickly.


Make sure you trim your wicks before you burn them so they don't mushroom or create too much black smoke. I put my whole heart into these candles - the joy, the sadness, the celebration, all the sugar and spice of being a magical ass Black Woman trying to create something beautiful on this ghetto ass Earth - and it is my deepest hope that you feel all of that when you burn them. 




Don't be afraid to try scents you've never heard of or never tried before; these are custom blended by moi so you can never quite know how that sandalwood or that rose you might normally hate could smell now that I've paired it with peach or coconut or suede. Yes, suede. I had so much fun making these candles, y'all! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Have fun! And don't forget to leave your comments and reviews on the Facebook page

Oh, and this is me, if you care about that sorta thing. 🙃





And these are my bundles of joy Isayah and Nico. Nico won't let me put my face close enough to his face without tryna kiss me in the mouth so we don't take selfies together:





And this is my sister. She's very pretty and she looks nice in this photo but that's just the photo; she's not a bundle of joy. She's still my sister, though, and I'll still go straight to jail if anyone messes with her so, I mean, there's that. You can call her Michelle. 😋


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